Flying Cartoons

There’s always room for wit and humordespitea busy day. In fact, you’ll all the more need a hearty laugh to relieve the tenseness youcould be feeling. Check out these cartoons and memes to lighten your mood:

1. Superheroes fly in different shapes and sizes:

Credit:Juan Carlos Partidas

2. Fast food chainshave expanded to the skies:

Credit:Clifford Witkowski

3. Props for a precise landing:


4. When you realize your whole life was a lie:

Credit:Dauntless Aviation

5.You can see it on their faces:

Credit: Dauntless Aviation

6.Happens once a year:

Credit: Dauntless Aviation

7. Captain’s orders

Credit: Noitego

8. When you have to be resourceful:

Credit:Dauntless Aviation

9. This makes a lot of sense:

Credit: Bored Panda

10. Dreams do come true:


11. A complete change of character:

Credit: Donald Willman

Even winged fellows can pull pranks:

Credit: AviationHumor

13. Phew! That was close:

Credit: Hal Mundane

14. And lastly…

Credit: N751PR

We hope you had your fill of chuckles with these cartoons and memes. Everytime you feel frazzled on a trip, simply pause, take a break, and have a laughing session out of the pieces we’ve just shared.