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In today’s competitive industry of Private Jet Chartering, it’s worthwhile to appreciate your regular clients. By expressing your gratitude, they’d know how much they matter to your business; that they’re not just one transaction which contributes to your bottom line. One of the effective ways to say “Thank you” to customers who chose your service is by surprising them with gifts. When they’re sincere and authentic, these gifts can make your clients feel even more special hence be most likely loyal to your business.

At, they’ve gathered a couple of stand-out, Thank You gift ideas for Men and Women. These can be given with handwritten notes or cards for a more personal feel. Have some of them ordered or perhaps be inspired by few of these items, to come up with more specialized presents for your valued customers:


1. Makeup Kit

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Every jet-setting woman would like to look chic and stylish especially as the plane lands, and she sets off to a meeting. Thus, your client would be delighted to find a new set of makeup gifted just for her. Before purchasing a set,be sure the shades of what you’re giving away will match the skin tone of your client.

2. Spa Gift Basket

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Wherever your client may be, let her know she can have a DIY spa in any hotel tub she will be checked in. Gift your customer with pampering products in a whole spa gift basket. She can most especially use it when she gets home.

3. Wine Basket

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Wine baskets differ in variety. Some of them also contain champagne. The wine selections may be paired with cheeses, gourmet food or chocolate. She can sip and munch on these treats to treat herself during breaks or after a long day.

4. Hamper with Fresh Fruits and Chocolates

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If you have a client who’s a fan of picnics, a basket with fruits and chocolates would be a treat for her to have. Fill a basket or hamper with her favorite selections. It’s also advisable to do some research about your customer’s preferences ahead of time. Putting enough attention to details will make all the difference to building or maintaining the loyalty of your clients.

5. Gift Certificates to a Spa Day

A spa gift card or gift certificate would be perfect both for busy and vacationing clients. It’s best to arrange for a wellness deal that’s accepted in multiple locations, worldwide. This way,your customers can opt for a couple of rejuvenating sessions wherever they may be.

6. A Designer Bag

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Got a fashionista for a client? Let her know how your team can go above and beyond your service by picking a
designer bag which suits her taste. Knowing your client’s lifestyle and usual ensemble is key in surprising her with a piece which she’d appreciate.

7. Aromatherapy Kit

After every long day, a handy aromatherapy kit is just what your client needs to unwind and relax. When it comes to choosing your customer’s essential oils, it’s helpful to know her personality and general itinerary. This way, you’d now if she’s a fan of calming down, feeling inspired or having more energy. There are calming oils which correspond with yourclient’s possible mood preferences.


8. Travel Satchel

Does your VIP flyer frequently take on business trips? Then a formal yet rugged-looking satchel bag is precisely what he needs to store all his essentials.With its straps, this modern briefcase can be carried and worn in different ways.

9. LimitedEdition Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are seen as statement pieces, especially among accomplished executives. CEOs, Presidents and many other decision-makers use of these to sign deals and contracts. Gifting your client with a fountain pen sure is a way of recognizing the stature he has achieved in his career.

10. Skin Care and Shaving Kit

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Looking dapper is always a personal priority among private jet flyers. Be your client’s practical yet pampering part of his daily routine by gifting a skin care and shaving kit. These contain the basics, particularlya shaving gel or cream, shaving brush, razor, aftershave, facial wash, toner, and moisturizer.

11. Shoe Polishing Kit

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To consistently look his best, even your client’s leather shoes need to be polished. Gift him with a shoe polishing setwhich can be turned into a compact and handy kit. You can even take the time to print out a tiny instructional card. This may guide him in cleaning his shoes to a beautiful shine.

12. Aromatherapy Bundle

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Who says the ladies have the only turf to regular pampering sessions? No matter how tough they are, men equally have to des-tress, detox and relax after a really busy day.Products infused with essential oils are exactly what your client will need to feel calm, relieve stress, or re-energize.

13. Red & White Wine Set

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Is your client a wine connoisseur? Or perhaps he’s got a huge reason to celebrate. Either way, gifting him with a wine set would most likely be appreciated. From Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc, there are dozens of selections to choose from, so be sure to pick the ones which suit his taste.

14. Tickets to the Super Bowl

Or any of his favorite sporting event. The Super Bowl, Monaco Grand Prix, ICC Cricket World Cup, the Olympics and FIFA World Cup are some of the world’s most anticipated affairs. Make your client feel even more special when he sees gaming history unfold at any of the mentioned events.

15. DIY Beer Brewing Set

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Home brewing is a rising trend among men who’d like to have their beer taste the way they want them to. So why not inspire your client with the hobby of brewing up different types of beer recipes? He can explore on various flavors like light tasting, floral or caramel aromas, full-bodied, and more.

These 15 thoughtful gifts show your clients how much you appreciate doing business with them. With sincere gestures such as these, you’ll likely have a loyal customer base and VIP flyers who’ll only have positive things to say about your service.

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