Different Types Of Dome Home Security Cameras


Dome security cameras provide unnoticeable protection to businesses and homes. It offers swirl to offer maximum coverage and tinted domes cover them so that you cannot say in which direction you are facing at any point. Doom camera style contains indoor, outdoor, infrared, Internet Protocol, Pan-Tilt-Zoom and Vandal proof. You can pick dome security camera is best suitable for home since it is very simple to install, small, and covers a large range.

You can now easily get the best dome camera since you can either purchase in physical store or online store. The online store is the best option where can find the dome cameras in a lot of online sellers website even with discount options and choose the camera with the best price deal.

The dome cameras can rotate and it covers the wide range of distance. It contains either glass covering or tinted plastic that avoids onlookers in which way the camera is pointing at any given time. It has a small and sleek look that makes it blend easily with the surroundings. Among the various bulky security camera options available in the market, this camera is the perfect option since it is compact.

There are also different color dome security cameras available in the market. In large dome camera models, there are numerous hidden cameras available that permit you to cover 360-degree viewing. When shopping for the dome security camera model, you should pick the right camera type based on your requirement. Each camera type is specialized in meeting unique requirements of the users. The basic camera type only has one or a couple of features whereas the high-end cameras offer various features.

The five types of doom camera are Indoor and outdoor, Internet protocol, Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, and vandal proof. Indoor doom type has special materials that cannot resist particular temperature and weather conditions. It is suitable for people who require only indoor protection. The outdoor camera of doom model is perfect for all type of weather conditions.

Internet protocol dome cameras allow the camera to connect to the internet and you can view the surveillance area from home or any other place in the world using the broadband connection. You can also view using your 3G or 4G Smartphone.

Infrared doom cameras are useful for night security purposes. This camera model includes a series of IR light emitting diodes or LED’s that permit the camera viewing in complete darkness. The LEDs utilize flood lights similar to the sensor in the camera that is not visible to the human eye. This camera model is both suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera can move to up or down, left or right and you can zoom in or out. These movement ranges make the PTZ cameras for two or more stationary cameras. It also has the automatic object tracking.

Vandal Proof is the last type and this dome security camera model avoids destruction to the camera. The tough body case of this camera model and Lexan windows support tolerate destruction attempts.