Factors To Check When Shopping For Yoga Mats


No other item makes an important symbol for the modern yoga practice than your yoga mat. It indicates the space which the mind gets some break from the chaotic, stress of your daily life. The modern yoga mats are colorful and functional and it becomes a new fashion accessory for your workout.

If you want to carry your yoga mat often then you must check whether the mat you have in mind is highly portable. You can check out the best yoga mats 4400 which is not as very heavy as expected.

Practicing yoga regularly helps sports persons, businessmen, professionals and students. Yoga offers various benefits for pregnant women. The website http://www.summitdaily.com/news/sports/work-it-out-5-health-benefits-of-prenatal-yoga/ explains the different benefits how yoga helps pregnant ladies for labor, delivery and after childbirth.

Since yoga mat is an important tool for practicing yoga, you must consider several factors when buying a yoga mat so that you can feel comfortable with practice.

Because of day-to-day wear and tear, there are high possibilities of dangerous polyvinyl chloride in your mat. If you want to pick an eco-friendly mat, then you can consider the fabric materials such as natural cotton, rubber etc. The thickness of a strong yoga mat is 1/8 inch, while the thickest yoga mats are ¼ inch. The travel yoga mats or wafer-thin yoga mats are made in 1/16 inch thick. You can fold the wafer-thin yoga mats easily and fit is a suitcase and they are less weight when compared to other mats.

The cost of the yoga mat is also an important factor. The plain PVC sticky mat in solid color has 1/8 inch thick and it is available at a low price. Based on your budget, you can look for more designs, logos, antimicrobial treatments, cool textures, and premium thickness particularly raised tactile models.

Being yogis, you must follow the path of Ahimsa. You have the option to use eco-friendly yoga mats usually manufactured from natural rubber or organic cotton or jute. Sponginess differs based on the material you choose and normally PVC material has the most sponginess when compared to other materials used for the yoga mat.

The third essential factor is the texture of the mat. The texture represents how traction it offers to your mat. As for stickiness, texture affects the amount of sliding and slipping you perform. The texture is an important element that indicates overall comfort you feel when using a yoga mat. The mat manufacturers make yoga mats that are suitable for every person. There are persons who like entirely smooth to completely rough mat. PVC mat is the best option if you want a smooth yoga mat. The earth-friendly mat offers you high traction even they don’t have the “sticky” feel by nature.

Stickiness is the next important factor that helps you maintain alignment when you switch over from one pose to another. PVC mat offers the most stickiness but you must ensure it will be sticky to use when the mat is clean. It is good to wash the mat before use and also whenever you notice the mat dirt.