Different Types Of Dental Treatments

filling3-300x300Your dentist is specialized in all type of treatments to enhance your smile. There are various types of treatments available for discolored, chipped, broken, and missing teeth. Your dentist can close spaces between teeth, reshapes your teeth and changes your teeth length. Also for all types of common dental treatment such as contouring, crowns, bonding, bleaching and many others you can visit the dental clinic.

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Bleaching or otherwise Teeth whitening is the common method used for whitening your teeth. You can choose the bleaching option to remove all the stains or to give whiter shade to your teeth. Bleaching service is done either at the dental office or you can prefer the home bleaching option. Stains occur in your teeth because of coffee, tea, medication and cigarettes. Whitening treatment process at dentist office takes at least an hour to complete.

Bonding method is used to close the gaps and also to alter your tooth color. This treatment requires only a single office visit. It lasts for several years and worth for your money. If there are stains and chipped teeth, then bonding is the best dental treatment option. For small cavities, bonding can be used as tooth-colored filling. It is also best to close the outside of the teeth to changes its shape or color and also to close the spaces between teeth.

Crowns, another dental treatment which is used to restore back a teeth shape or appearance. It is expensive than the previous method ad it is suitable when the other treatments are not effective for your dental problem. It is the time-consuming treatment and it lasts for your entire life if you maintained your tooth properly. It is used in the place of the damaged or decayed teeth. Crowns will save the teeth from further damages.

Veneers, an artificial tooth which needs three office visits to finish the treatment. Veneers are made up of durable plastic or porcelain kept in the front of teeth to modify its color or shape. It seems like your natural teeth. It gives you long lasting teeth than other types of cosmetics dental treatments. You will get your permanent veneers on the third day of your visit ad till that temporary veneer is fixed for better functioning of your mouth. It is placed in front of the chipped, discolored, crooked teeth.

The next option is contouring or reshaping. If you have any irregular shape teeth or crooked teeth then this is the right treatment option. This method involves changing the position, length and shape of your teeth. It is suitable for people with healthy teeth but slightly needs changes in their smile. Your dentist will decide which treatment option is best for you based on your dental reports.