Glossary of International Travel

Ever wondered what a 1L means? Or perhaps you’ve always seen a couple of words painted on an airport’s or destination’s signage, and you never knew what they exactly meant. In any case, we’ve compiled a list of terms you’ll find handy on your next trip. Click through any of these words, and you’ll be directed to their definitions below :

  • 1L
  • 1R
  • A la Carte
  • A/C
  • ABC
  • Abeam
  • ABTA
  • Accessible Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Activity Provider
  • Actual Flying Time
  • Actual Time of Arrival
  • Add – On
  • Administrative Service Charge / ASC Fee
  • Adoption Rate
  • ADR / Average Daily Rate
  • Air Host(ess) / Steward(ess) / Flight or Cabin Attendant
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airport Code
  • American Breakfast
  • Atlantic Daylight Time / ADT
  • B&B / Bed & Breakfast
  • Baggage / Luggage
  • Balcony / Verandah
  • Barge Cruising
  • Base
  • Bellboy / Bellhop / Bellhop / Bellman / Hotel Porter
  • Benelux
  • Bid
  • Black Tourism / Dark Tourism / Grief Tourism
  • Blocked space
  • Blogger
  • Blue Juice
  • Blue Room
  • Boarding Gate / Terminal
  • Boarding Pass
  • Bonded
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Business class
  • Business Directory
  • Business Travel
  • Cabin
  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Pressure
  • Cabin Steward
  • Call Sign
  • Cancellation Charges
  • Cape
  • Captain
  • Car Class
  • Car Rental Agreement
  • Cash Bar
  • Cashless Cruising
  • Cay
  • Certified Travel Associate (CTA)
  • Certified Travel Counselor / CTC
  • Chancery
  • Charter
  • Check-In
  • Circle Trip
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Daily Deals
  • Deck
  • Demi-Pension / Half-Pension / Half Board / Modified American Plan
  • Demonym
  • Department of State
  • Deplane
  • Destination
  • Destination Management Company
  • Diaspora
  • Dine-Around-Plan
  • Diner
  • Diplomatic Mission
  • Direct Flight
  • Disclaimer
  • Doom Tourism
  • Double Occupancy
  • Double Open-Jaw
  • Dromomania
  • Drop-Off Charge
  • Duty-Free
  • Early Check-In
  • Eco-Conscious Travel / Ecotourism / Eco-Friendly Travel
  • Electronic ticket
  • Email
  • Embark
  • Embassy
  • En Suite
  • English Breakfast
  • Equipment
  • Equipment Change
  • EST
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Estuary
  • ETD
  • Ethno-Tourism
  • European Plan
  • Event Organizer
  • Excursion
  • Excursion Fare
  • Extended Stay
  • Facebook
  • Family Plan
  • Familymoon
  • Ferry Flight
  • Fika
  • Final Approach
  • First Officer
  • Fjord
  • Flâneur / Flaneuse
  • Flight Crew
  • Flight Deck
  • Fly-Drive Package
  • Frequent Flier
  • Frequent Guest
  • Frequent Lodger Program
  • Frequent Traveler Program
  • Full American Plan / Full Board
  • Full-Service Hotel
  • Fuselage
  • Galley
  • Gap Year / Sabbatical
  • Gate
  • Gateway City
  • George
  • Geotourism
  • Global Distribution System
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Green Aircraft
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) / Zulu Time / Z Time
  • Greenwich Meridian
  • Groin Scan
  • Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT)
  • Ground Stop
  • Group Rate
  • GST (Groups and Services Tax)
  • Guide
  • Half Pension / Modified American Plan / Demi-Pension
  • Hard-Copy
  • Hidden city faring
  • Hidden City Ticketing
  • High Season
  • Hiraeth
  • Holding Pattern
  • Hostel
  • Hosting
  • Hotel
  • Hotel Porter / Bellhop / Bellboy / Bellman
  • House Limit
  • Hub / Hub Airport
  • Hurricane Season
  • In Season
  • In Transit
  • Inbound
  • Inbound Tour Operator
  • Incentive travel
  • Incidental Charge
  • Inclusive Tour
  • Indirect Flights
  • Industry Event Organizer
  • In-Flight Entertainment / IFE ; In-Flight Entertainment Device / IED
  • Initial Approach
  • Inside Cabin
  • Instagram
  • Intercontinental
  • International Date Line
  • In-Transit
  • Itinerant
  • Jet Lag
  • Jet Ski
  • Jones Act
  • Jump Seat
  • Junket
  • Kayak
  • Keycard
  • Kilometer
  • King Room
  • Knot
  • KPH / Kilometers-per-Hour
  • L’appel du Vide
  • Lagom
  • Lanai
  • Land Arrangement
  • Landing Lips
  • Land-Only
  • Language
  • Late Booking Fee
  • Mark Up
  • Mattress Run / Mileage Run
  • Maximum stay
  • Medium-Haul
  • Narrow-Body (Aircraft)
  • Natural Attraction
  • Occupancy rate
  • Ocean View Cabin / Outside Cabin
  • Off-peak
  • Online Booking System
  • Passenger / Pax
  • Passport / Visa Service
  • PDT
  • Prix Fixe
  • Querencia
  • Quid
  • Quin Room
  • Quote
  • Real-Time Booking
  • Rebate(ing)
  • Reconfirm
  • Record Locator
  • Saturday Night Stay
  • Scheduled Carrier
  • Smörgåsbord
  • Table d’hôte
  • Tariff
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Urbane
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Value Season / Off-Peak Season / Shoulder Season
  • VIA Rail
  • Volunteer Vacation / Voluntourism
  • Waiver
  • Walking Tour
  • Web Agency
  • Xenization
  • Xenophilia
  • X-Ray
  • Yield Management
  • Zip Lining





Also coined as “One Left,” this door is found at the left, front-most of the aircraft. This is where passengers mostly enter to board the plane. Back to list of terms.  



This door is also known as “One Right.” Found at the right, forward-most area of the plane, this door is frequently unused or even non-existent. Back to list of terms.


A la Carte

These meals are separately priced and usually placed on the menu of a restaurant or a hotel’s room-service. Back to list of terms.



This is an abbreviation of the word, “aircraft” and it usually refers to planes (fixed wings) and helicopters (rotary wings). Planes can further be categorized into wide-bodied and narrow-bodied units. Back to list of terms.



This is an acronym of the Caribbean islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. These destinations are usually visited for their watersports like diving and snorkeling. Back to list of terms.



This pertains to a ship or aircraft’s direction. This term is used for something that’s off a jet’s side like its wings, at the right angle of its length. Back to list of terms.



Association of British Travel Agents (UK’s largest travel association of agents and tour operators) Back to list of terms.


Accessible Travel

A type of travel format which ensures the availability of destinations, attractions, accommodations, products, and services to all types of travelers. These include ones with physical and/or mental disabilities. Back to list of terms.



An arrangement of a hotel, inn or any other place where travelers stay to rest Back to list of terms.


Activity Provider

A professional who provides a set of activities for tourists to experience while on vacation. Some of them may include kayaking, biking, cooking classes, plus making arts and crafts among others. Back to list of terms.


Actual Flying Time

The time it takes for a jet to fly from one airport to another; This strictly covers take-off and landing, and it excludes other on-ground, flight-related activities. Back to list of terms.


Actual Time of Arrival

This is an acronym which literally means “Actual Time of Arrival.” ATA states the time by which a plane is estimated to land at the airport. Landing may be much earlier, should the weather be favorable or if there’s less air traffic. Back to list of terms.


Add – On

An additional request or service feature made on top of a basic package; This usually comes with an extra cost. In-plane operations, this includes itinerary extras which are penciled in at the last minute. For instance, a flight attendant will be joining a trip since the designated stewardess just called in sick. Back to list of terms.


Administrative Service Charge / ASC Fee

Also considered as change fee, or the cost of exchanging a ticket for purposes of future travel Back to list of terms.


Adoption Rate

The rate or percentage of tickets which were issued via an online booking system, compared to a traditional agent-assisted reservation. Back to list of terms.


ADR / Average Daily Rate

This rate determines a hotel room’s costs in reference to its price point. It’s generated by gathering the hotel’s total revenue divided by its number of room reservations. For example, it a hotel made $180,000 with 300 room reservations, its Average Daily Rate (ADR) will be $180,000 divided by 300 rooms, or $600. Back to list of terms.


Air Host(ess) / Steward(ess) / Flight or Cabin Attendant

Commonly has the F/A abbreviation; A member of the plane’s cabin crew who makes sure the passengers stay safe and comfortable during flights; He or she can also help in filling out custom-related forms, serve food and beverages, plus answer to some questions asked by passengers. An F/A additionally makes sure the cabin’s safety is in place while attending to various technical duties. Back to list of terms.


Air Traffic Control

A service to ensure the safety of air traffic; It’s usually a tower based at the airport, but it can also be a center where a huge area of the sky is monitored to keep flights safe. Back to list of terms.


Airport Code

A system which identifies a specific airport; These are mostly placed on the passengers’ tickets. For instance, ACE and GCRR are codes for Spain’s Lanzarote Airport. The former code is designated by IATA (International Air Transport Association) while the latter is from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). ALB and KALB are both codes for the Albany International Airport at New York, USA. Back to list of terms.


American Breakfast

A type of breakfast meal that’s commonly served at mid-range and high-end hotels; It’s usually prepared in a self-serve, buffet format. Some of its selections may include coffee, fruit juices, cereals, cheeses, meats, and bread among others. An American breakfast may also have more food choices than a standard Continental Breakfast. Back to list of terms.


Atlantic Daylight Time / ADT

A standard timezone that’s based in the Atlantic; It’s applied to over 40 territories, including some parts of France and Netherlands Back to list of terms.


B&B / Bed & Breakfast

Accommodations which have a home-away-from-home ambiance; It’s a house where the local proprietor provides rooms for travelers, while breakfast is served on a specific schedule. Guests may gather round the table during breakfast, and communally share the meal, although this may not be strictly followed. Back to list of terms.


Baggage / Luggage

Travel bags which passengers bring; These include backpacks, briefcases, duffel bags, tote bags, designer luggage, messenger bags and laptop cases. These can be checked in as luggage or carry-ons. Commercial airlines usually regulate these by setting the allowable weight per passenger. However, charter companies of private jets allow bigger space for more bags to be brought by VIP travelers. Back to list of terms.


Balcony / Verandah

An outside porch or platform which can be privately enjoyed by a hotel room’s occupants; This can be accessed via a door, and it may have overlooking views of the skies, a city or the sea. Back to list of terms.


Barge Cruising

Pleasure cruises usually done along canals; These are famous in areas of Europe and upstate New York. Back to list of terms.



A flight crew’s home airport; This is where planes fly from and eventually have last in-bound trips of each day. Back to list of terms.


Bellboy / Bellhop / Bellhop / Bellman / Hotel Porter

The go-to employee which assists guests with their luggage; They also run errands, hail cabs and perform basic concierge-related duties. Back to list of terms.



A collective term for Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg Back to list of terms.



To ask for a specific flight route; For instance, when a flight attendant requests for a flight schedule or route, this is considered a bid. Back to list of terms.


Black Tourism / Dark Tourism / Grief Tourism

This involves visiting places which had bleak pasts. These destinations include prison camps, nuclear testing grounds or battle fields. Archives of war remnants may also be featured in museums. Auschwitz’s death camps and New York’s Ground Zero at the 9/11 Museum are some of the most visited dark destinations. Back to list of terms.


Blocked space

A space reserved for a group; This is usually bought by companies at a discounted price. Spaces are applicable to private jet seats and hotel rooms. Back to list of terms.



Someone who regularly writes blog entries; The articles are published on an online based site called a blog, where personal or professional information are shared for visitors to read. Back to list of terms.


Blue Juice

A lingo for toilet water; A result of disinfectants turning the water to blue Back to list of terms.


Blue Room

Also known as the plane’s lavatory, where the blue juice is; Blue Juice is another term for toilet water (disinfectants turn the water to blue); The Blue Room can also refer to Virgin Australia’s airport lounge. Back to list of terms.


Boarding Gate / Terminal

When it comes to private jet services, travelers can wait for their planes at a VIP terminal. The terminal is a gate that’s past airport security. Some of its facilities include lounges, food and drink stations, plus business facilities among others. Back to list of terms.


Boarding Pass

Typically used by commercial passengers; It’s an issued stub which contains a customer’s seat assignment. Private jet travelers will only be required to bring their IDs as their scheduled boarding has already been cleared beforehand. Back to list of terms.



A form of guarantee on the traveler’s funds; It’s usually bundled with a specialty insurance. Back to list of terms.


Boutique Hotel

A type of hotel which has much fewer rooms and a more personalized service, compared to standard accommodations; These are also much more luxurious and high end, while having much cozier atmospheres. Back to list of terms.


Business class

A mid-range, seating category between First Class and Economy seats Back to list of terms.


Business Directory

A list of all the businesses operating in a certain area; The directory has the names and contact details of all the territory’s establishments from restaurants, car shops up to Laundromats. Back to list of terms.


Business Travel

Traveling which entails representing a company at conferences or meetings; A business traveler may eventually learn the culture or language of his or her frequented destinations. This type of trip is also covered by businesses, so travelers can see the world with much lesser costs on their end. Back to list of terms.



A plane’s area where travelers stay throughout a flight; The cabin is pressurized so a normal breathing environment can be provided for passengers at approximately 40,000 feet above the ground. It also has walls or curtains to place divisions and rooms inside the plane. Back to list of terms.


Cabin Crew

A team of flight attendants and other staff members who attend to the needs of a plane’s passengers; They’re also responsible for handling cabin-related duties while in flight. Back to list of terms.


Cabin Pressure

The maintained air pressure inside a cabin; This is artificially regulated to avoid physiological problems while passengers are in flight and as the altitude increases. Back to list of terms.


Cabin Steward

The person who maintains and cleans the ship’s cabins or rooms; They’re helpful at cruises. Back to list of terms.


Call Sign

A designation or nickname used for radio communications; It identifies control towers and planes, even company names. Usually, a call sign is entirely capitalized. For instance, FRENCH POST is the call sign for France’s airpost, and UPS is for UPS (United Parcel Service) Airlines in the USA. Back to list of terms.


Cancellation Charges

Penalties issued on flight cancellations; These types of charges are part of a fare’s clauses. Hence it’s always advisable to have a travel insurance in case changes do occur. Back to list of terms.



This is a small version of a peninsula. It’s a narrow, elongated strip of land which farther leads to a body of water. Some world famous capes include the Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, England’s Cape Cornwall, and Cabo, San Lucas in Mexico. Back to list of terms.



The captain is the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) who sits in the left part of the cockpit. He has 4 stripes on his shoulder piece. The PIC is also in charge of everything and everyone on the plane. They don’t have to be in control of the plane at all times, but they’re answerable to anything which may go wrong throughout the flight. Back to list of terms.


Car Class

A car’s category; This can vary from one vendor to another. A car’s class can vary from full-sized, luxury, and specialty. Some shops have economy and mid-size types of cars. Back to list of terms.


Car Rental Agreement

A deal between a customer and a car rental company Back to list of terms.


Cash Bar

A minibar in hotels and other accommodation places; It has drinks and snacks which have surcharges. The minibar also has grooming kits which will be billed to the guest upon checking out. Back to list of terms.


Cashless Cruising

A system of onboard payment in a cruise ship; With this method, there’s no need to inconveniently bring out one’s credit card or cash all the time upon checking in. A final statement will itemize all the purchases a passenger has made such as restaurant meals, drinks, and tours among others. Back to list of terms.



An island with low banks and reefs, usually made of sand, rocks, and corals which accumulated over time. It’s interchangeably pronounced as “key” or “cay.” This term is also sometimes spelled out as “key.” If the sediments are mostly made of sand, then the island is a Cay. It rocks and gravel mostly constitute the island, it’s called Motu. Two of the world’s most well-known cays include the Elbow Cays in Bahamas and Heron Islands at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Back to list of terms.


Certified Travel Associate (CTA)

A professional who has received certification from the Institute of Certified Travel Agents; The certificate proves he or she passed a series of tests, so tourists and customers are assured they’re in good hands throughout an excursion. Back to list of terms.


Certified Travel Counselor / CTC

This is considered as the ultimate certification for travel professionals. It’s equivalent to acquiring a Master’s Degree. Back to list of terms.



A brick-and-mortar establishment where embassies and diplomatic delegations stay Back to list of terms.



An exclusive reservation or booking made for a private jet or yacht; Charters are usually available with a fixed package and an allowable number of people. Plane charters are usually done for private travels, parties, or company holidays. Back to list of terms.



An activity where guests validate their arrival at an airport, hotel, or event Back to list of terms.


Circle Trip

A type of trip which includes more than one location, and eventually goes back to the initial point of departure Back to list of terms.


Continental Breakfast

A light type of breakfast served in lower-priced hotels, motels, and other related accommodations; This is usually practiced in Europe, and the meal serves coffee, juices, tea, bread, and fruits. Back to list of terms.


Daily Deals

A promotion which can give discounts, freebies, or any other types of deals per day; It’s usually announced via Social Media pages or text messages. More exclusive deals may be provided via e-newsletters. Daily Deals are only effective within 12 to 24 hours upon announcement. Back to list of terms.



A ship’s floor area; There are cruise liners which have a minimum of 11 decks and even more. Back to list of terms.


Demi-Pension / Half-Pension / Half Board / Modified American Plan

One or two meals which may usually include breakfast and lunch; Brunch may also be served. The settled rates don’t usually throw in other meals, snacks or drinks, other than the offered breakfast and lunch, or brunch. Back to list of terms.



A word which describes the residents or natives of a specific place; For instance, a person from Germany is considered a German, someone from France in French, and a resident who lives in New York is a New Yorker. Back to list of terms.


Department of State

An agency based in the USA; This department is responsible for issuing warnings and travel related cautions to various travel destinations, worldwide. They’re advisable to consult, should travelers need to know about the safety level of the area they’re visiting. Back to list of terms.



To dismount or alight from a plane Back to list of terms.



A location where someone is heading; A destination is also visited by tourists, and itineraries are arranged around it by travel organizations. It may also be promoted to encourage tourism in its vicinity or country of origin. Back to list of terms.


Destination Management Company

A commercial or non-profit organization which promotes a specific destination; They handle the re-selling, accommodations, and other related services applicable to ensure a holistic experience related to the location they’re showcasing. Back to list of terms.



A population coming from the same ethnic or national origin; For instance, an Irish diaspora will involve natives, citizens, or descendants who live outside of Ireland. Some of them may be residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, some parts of Central America, and New Zealand among other territories. Embassies and consulates are bodies which have the responsibility of keeping a diaspora’s home country safe. Back to list of terms.



A prepaid plan which lets a customer dine in different restaurants at a specific area Back to list of terms.



Restaurant with a passenger train as its dining car Back to list of terms.


Diplomatic Mission

A group undertaking which focuses on a country or state; They may also work with a single governing body while serving as representatives of their citizens, political systems, and interests. Diplomatic missions usually occur in forms of resident missions, consulates, and embassies. Back to list of terms.


Direct Flight

A trip which involves traveling from an airport to the final location; Compared to connecting flights, it does not usually change planes during stops. For purposes of equipment changes or other technical replenishment procedures, Direct Flights may stop once while en route, as travellers, remain seated on their jets. Back to list of terms.



A set of legal records which advise how an agent only acts as a middleman in selling products or services; Liabilities will be ultimately handled by the supplier like the hotel’s management or tour operator among other providers. Back to list of terms.


Doom Tourism

Trips to destinations which have sites or animals which face extinction; These potentially endangered sites have sparked the interests of many visitors due to natural or other causes. These include the melting glaciers at the Snows of Kilimanjaro or the disappearing corals at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Back to list of terms.


Double Occupancy

Quotes which consider two people or couples who travel together; These are applicable for cruise fares, hotel rooms, tour packages and more. Back to list of terms.


Double Open-Jaw

A round trip flight which involves flying to and from specific countries, in different cities or airports; For instance, a tourist coming from London (LHR) may fly to Dubai International Airport (DXB). When returning home, the same tourist may then take off from Sharjah International Airport (SJH) and land on Manchester (MAN). As you can see, the first part of the trip had LHR and DXB as its airports, while returning home entailed SJH and MAN. These are totally different airports, but they’re in essence, based in the same countries. Back to list of terms.



An uncontrollable urge for traveling and getaways Back to list of terms.


Drop-Off Charge

An additional cost of renting a car when it’s returned to a city, other than its pick up point or the place where it was originally rented; However some states like Florida do not require drop off charges. Back to list of terms.



Exemptions from import tax Back to list of terms.


Early Check-In

An arrangement where guests can check in earlier than the normal check-in time; This is possible upon coordinating with a hotel or any other place of accommodation. Back to list of terms.


Eco-Conscious Travel / Ecotourism / Eco-Friendly Travel

A type of tour which focuses on environmental conservation; It includes nature-based activities like hiking in rainforests, bird watching, and kayaking. With an observe and preserve approach, travelers contribute to sustainability by lessening on paper waste or choosing hotels which have lower environmental impact. Back to list of terms.


Electronic ticket

This paperless ticket is technically a passenger-specific receipt. It’s presented with a photo ID, and it can’t be lost nor stolen. While it still requires a boarding pass, it’s more flexible than its paper counterpart as it allows remote check-ins and the usage of airport kiosks. Back to list of terms.



An online-based type of communication; This literally means Electronic Mail. With the use of email, messages or letters are sent by electronics means. Back to list of terms.



To hop on or ride a jet Back to list of terms.



A permanent diplomatic mission or delegation which represents a country or state; It’s not the same as a consulate, since the latter serves as a satellite which functions under the embassy. An embassy’s head is also called the Ambassador. Additionally, many would loosely call the physical building as the embassy itself, but its technical term is actually “chancery.” Back to list of terms.


En Suite

A feature that’s adjoining or adjacent a certain room; It’s mostly used in the hotel accommodation industry. Back to list of terms.


English Breakfast

A standard meal which includes cereal, eggs, meats, juices and other beverages; This is usually served by hotels situated in the United Kingdom or Great Britain. Back to list of terms.



Talks about the physical, private plane itself; Equipment changes will then mean an operator will be switching its plane while en route a destination. Back to list of terms.


Equipment Change

Refers to a change of planes for purposes of long range flights, or any other mechanical issues Back to list of terms.



Easter Standard Time; 5 hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time; This system is used in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Back to list of terms.


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

This literally means the Estimated Time of Arrival of a plane, boat, bus, train, or boat. It talks of the time which a form of transportation will arrive. Back to list of terms.



A body of water where an ocean or sea’s tide meets a river stream; It has a mixture of sea and salt water. Some of the world’s most famous estuaries include the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Back to list of terms.



Estimated Time of Departure (ETD); The starting time of a journey Back to list of terms.



A type of tour which focuses on indigenous populations, along with their cultures and traditions; In here, tourists can learn more about an ethnicity’s livelihood and other aspects as their lifestyle (i.e. exotic food, dances, etc.). Back to list of terms.


European Plan

A hotel room package which does not include meals Back to list of terms.


Event Organizer

A professional who’s trained to organize an event and makes sure it runs smoothly for a community or company; He or she can organize a Luau (Hawaiian-themed party), Historical Re-enactments, Earth Day-related activities and more. Back to list of terms.



A short trip; With an additional cost, this optional feature can be an extra journey taken aside from the main destination. Back to list of terms.


Excursion Fare

A discounted type of fare which has restrictions on the minimum and number of touring days; It may also have advance purchase requirements. Back to list of terms.


Extended Stay

A type of hotel built with an apartment-complex or residential format; It uses a hotel type of booking system, with no fixed contracts plus guests/occupants may check out of the complex whenever they need to. An Extended Stay also has home or apartment-like features such as fully-equipped kitchens. Back to list of terms.



A social networking site which connects account owners with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances; It lets people post and read status updates, photos, and videos of a business or their personal activities. Back to list of terms.


Family Plan

A special offer where children are allowed to stay in the same room as their parents, without extra charges; The kids’ age requirements may vary depending on each hotel. Back to list of terms.



A new term where newlywed couples have their honeymoons along with their kids from previous relationships; The coined term is a combination of the words, family, and honeymoon. Back to list of terms.


Ferry Flight

Delivery of a plane with no passengers inside it; These are flights which will also be repositioned for other purposes like maintenance and route adjustment. Back to list of terms.



A Swedish lifestyle which involves socializing with friends, family, co-workers, or dates over coffee (or any other beverage) and a pastry; These usually include muffins, cakes, or cinnamon buns. Back to list of terms.


Final Approach

The last leg of a flight before landing; This takes place when a plane is about to descend on a runway. Back to list of terms.


First Officer

The pilot who’s second in the line of command; He or she sits on the right with three strips on his or her shoulder piece. They have the same qualification as the captain. They’re also fully skilled to operate and take over a flight should a captain command to do so. Back to list of terms.



A narrow estuary coming from the ocean; It’s usually bounded by cliffs, and it has spectacular scenery. Some of the most famous Fjords can be found in New Zealand, Norway, and Alaska. Back to list of terms.


Flâneur / Flaneuse

A term with French roots which means stroller or lounger Back to list of terms.


Flight Crew

Also known as the aircrew, they consist of a plane’s staff members; These include the pilots, flight attendants, and pursers. Back to list of terms.


Flight Deck

The cockpit; An area where the pilots – captain and first officer would operate the plane Back to list of terms.


Fly-Drive Package

A travel package which throws in the plane tickets, a car rental provision, and maybe even accommodations; This bundle is usually more convenient and affordable compared to separately booking for trips and hotels. Back to list of terms.


Frequent Flier

A traveler who frequently flies, usually under a specific program to earn privilege points and luxurious rewards Back to list of terms.


Frequent Guest

A hotel’s frequent guest; This traveler goes only to a specifically branded chain of hotels in the world, to gain rewards from a program for loyal lodgers. Back to list of terms.


Frequent Lodger Program

A hotel’s loyalty program which provides perks for lodgers who frequently stay in any of their chains; Every stay lets a lodger earn scores, and upon the accrual of a certain number of points he or she gets to redeem rewards. These rewards usually include free stays within specific durations, among other perks. Back to list of terms.


Frequent Traveler Program

A loyalty based offering which lets customers earn points and later on, redeem the same points for perks such as free trips; This program is usually offered by hotels. Back to list of terms.


Full American Plan / Full Board

It’s also known as a Full American Plan, Full Pension, or Full Board. It’s a room with a rate or holiday price which includes three set meals a day and for each guest. Snacks and drink will not be included, aside from those offered during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Back to list of terms.


Full-Service Hotel

A hotel which has a restaurant Back to list of terms.



A plane’s main body or central piece; It has the cabin, plus it can hold the crew, its travelers, and their cargo. It’s the main aircraft without the wings. Back to list of terms.



A plane’s area where the food gets prepared and cooked; Galleys differ in sizes, depending on the cabins’ spaces. Some of them may be in forms of carts at the back of the aircraft, while others are actual kitchens placed inside a much bigger plane. Back to list of terms.


Gap Year / Sabbatical

The year that’s set aside for newly graduated university students, to travel or volunteer around the world while still young Back to list of terms.



When riding on a commercial plane, a gate is where passengers wait to board plane. With each of them having a number, gates are usually found in terminals and past security. However, waiting around in gates is no longer necessary if you’re flying on a private jet. Back to list of terms.


Gateway City

A major city with international arrival and departure points; This is usually connected with smaller cities or countries; It also has an airport, terminal for buses, train station, or seaports and ferries if it’s situated near a body of water. Back to list of terms.



Another term for “Autopilot”; It’s a system used to control a jet’s course without the requirement of manual force. It cannot replace a pilot or co-pilot, but Autopilot can provide assistance in controlling a plane. This way, pilots can focus on monitoring the course of a jet, its weather and other instrumentation systems. Breaks are also allowed in the middle of the flight, as the Autopilot takes over. The term “George” was coined as pilots felt like they had another pilot/colleague who operates the cockpit with them. Back to list of terms.



A type of tour which focuses on Geology and nature; It has the purpose of sustaining and enhancing a site’s geographical character; Discoveries and preservation programs are carried out in its environment, culture, heritage, and its residents’ well-being among others. Back to list of terms.


Global Distribution System

A global system that’s used by agents to gain flight access, hotel accommodation, car rentals, tours, and other travel-related activities; The products’ and services’ prices plus availability can be generated by the GDS. Back to list of terms.


Global Positioning System (GPS)

A worldwide satellite system which lets radio receivers determine a person’s location; For safety purposes, cruise ships usually have GPS when they operate above the world’s various oceans. Back to list of terms.


Green Aircraft

A term used for planes which are freshly made from the factory, with interiors that are yet to be completed; This type of plane is brought with a coating of oxidized paint, which usually comes with a green color before its final design and livery. Green Aircraft may also mean planes which have been made with the use of green technology. Some of them have alternative fuel or biofuel sources and installed lightweight materials to lessen carbon emission in the atmosphere. Back to list of terms.


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) / Zulu Time / Z Time

A solar-based timing system in Greenwich, England; This is where all of the world’s other time zones are based. As an international time standard, it differs from UTC or Coordinated Universal Time since the latter is used for navigational purposes. Back to list of terms.


Greenwich Meridian

Also known as the Prime Meridian, this imaginary line serves as a marker which runs on a north to south axis. It is placed at the earth’s opposite side, leading to the International Date Line. The Greenwich or Prime Meridian separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres as it passes through England’s Royal Observatory. Back to list of terms.


Groin Scan

This flight crew slang is interchangeably used with the term “crotch watch.” Flight attendants would go on rounds before the plane takes off or upon an aircraft’s descent, so they can check if all the passengers’ seatbelts are properly fastened. Back to list of terms.


Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT)

A way of measuring a ship’s enclosed space; Superliners usually have a 70,000 ton range. Back to list of terms.


Ground Stop

A term which calls upon the stoppage of flights in an airport; This can be invoked if air traffic congestion needs to be cleared out, so a plane can land safely. A Ground Stop can limit or even restrict flights which are going inbound or outbound. Back to list of terms.


Group Rate

A promotion offered for groups of people who’ll be traveling together; Its package includes hotel accommodations and vacation plans. Additionally, group rates are availed by businesses and corporate-related organizations. Back to list of terms.


GST (Groups and Services Tax)

A type of tax issued in Canadian Provinces and other applicable states Back to list of terms.



A professional who shows tourists around a locale; He or she can also talk about the heritage of a specific destination. Back to list of terms.


Half Pension / Modified American Plan / Demi-Pension

An accommodation rate which throws in breakfast and another meal (mostly dinner) as part of its package Back to list of terms.



A document’s printed version (i.e. plane tickets, hotel vouchers, or travel itineraries) Back to list of terms.


Hidden city faring

Considered as an illegal way of travelling, Hidden City Faring involves organized flights which are different from the official itinerary. This is usually done by some travelers to get a lower fare. For instance, a passenger may get a discounted ticket on a flight from London to Hong Kong. The flight will be stopping at Dubai (this is actually his or her intended destination). The passenger will then choose not to return to the plane as it flies to Hong Kong. Back to list of terms.


Hidden City Ticketing

This is a no-no in flying and passengers can be penalized for this practice; In here, a traveler buys a round trip ticket which includes a layover. The same layover’s destination then turns out to be the passenger’s intended location. As a result, the entire ticket will not be used. For instance, a passenger will look for tickets so they could fly to Bogota in Colombia. However, they really intend to reach Panama City which just happens to be the tickets’ city of layover. The tickets to Colombia cost $500, while the ones to Panama are at $700. The passenger will then be purchasing the cheaper ticket, and they won’t be completing the entire flight to Bogota. Back to list of terms.


High Season

Also known as “Peak Season,” it’s the time of the year where a destination gets visited by a maximum number of crowds; In here, hotel accommodations, car rental rates, and the cost of plane tickets may increase. Back to list of terms.



A Welsh word which does not have any direct English translation; It means homesickness or feeling nostalgic over something which can no longer be returned to. Back to list of terms.


Holding Pattern

A control tower’s call to delay the landing of an aircraft while it’s nearing the runway; This happens when there’s no landing slot available due to ground stops, congestions, or any other incident. Back to list of terms.



An affordable place to stay when abroad; This is usually aimed for much younger crowds, like newly graduated students who are taking sabbaticals. Guests would bunk with other people to cut on costs. Back to list of terms.



In the digital sphere, it’s a space provided by hosts so a website can be put up. Back to list of terms.



A popularly chosen type of accommodation among worldwide travelers; This is usually available in a single-room format, and it can be upgraded into a suite. Larger establishments have additional facilities like gyms, pools, restaurants, and bars. Back to list of terms.


Hotel Porter / Bellhop / Bellboy / Bellman

A hotel employee who assists guests in carrying their luggage; They can also run for errands, hail cabs, and perform basic, concierge-related duties. Back to list of terms.


House Limit

The maximum credit allowable in using the hotel’s facilities, before a cash or credit card payment is required; For instance, renting a room may mean you can use the pay-per-view or make a phone call, all without having to show your credit card’s details in advance. However, you’ll need to pay the balance should the house limit be exceeded. Back to list of terms.


Hub / Hub Airport

A city’s major airport, which leads other flights to smaller locations; This is also an airline’s central base of operations. Back to list of terms.


Hurricane Season

A season where storms will most likely occur; At the Caribbean and Southern US, Hurricane Season mostly takes place from June to October. Back to list of terms.


In Season

Only available during specific schedules of the year Back to list of terms.


In Transit

On one’s way or en route Back to list of terms.



A flight that’s scheduled to land at a runway/airport Back to list of terms.


Inbound Tour Operator

A provider who specializes in showing overseas travellers around a destination; They may operate the tour by themselves, or establish partnerships with other travel-related suppliers. Back to list of terms.


Incentive travel

A form of reward where employees can travel due to their outstanding performance Back to list of terms.


Incidental Charge

This is applicable to hotel accommodations; Products and services will be billed after guests use a room. These may include minibar items, phone calls, room service, movies or any other type of used facility. An increase of incidental charge could result to reaching a hotel’s house limit. Back to list of terms.


Inclusive Tour

A type of tour which bundles up accommodations, transfers, meals, sightseeing tours and many other related elements to benefit a traveler Back to list of terms.


Indirect Flights

These flights relate to how passengers will need to leave the plane at some point of the journey. The plane may stop as it refuels or for purposes of changing planes to complete a whole trip. Back to list of terms.


Industry Event Organizer

An organization or set of tourism professionals who creates gatherings for travel-related businesses like restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the hospitality industry Back to list of terms.


In-Flight Entertainment / IFE ; In-Flight Entertainment Device / IED

Entertainment devices which help travelers in avoiding fatigue, restlessness, and boredom throughout a flight; These include games, music, and in-flight maps among other selections. These are usually installed on each passenger’s chair, but bigger aircrafts have more spaces for home entertainment systems. Back to list of terms.


Initial Approach

A type of intercom announcement which lets passengers know that the plane is on its way to landing on its destination airport Back to list of terms.


Inside Cabin

A ship’s room which has no window; It may be a bit smaller, but it usually has the same size as an outside cabin Back to list of terms.



A form of Social Networking Site which lets users upload vintage-looking photos while sharing where they are, what they’re doing, or what they’re eating Back to list of terms.



A term which talks of two or more continents; Intercontinental traveling means touring from one continent to another. Back to list of terms.


International Date Line

An imaginary line which runs from the North to South Pole, at 180 degrees longitude; This line runs past the Pacific Ocean. With the IDL, you can leave a destination within a specific date and then arrive at another a day before. Back to list of terms.



The time when passengers are on the plane; These include boarding, taxiing, layovers, and disembarking upon the jet’s landing. Back to list of terms.



A term about a person or item that’s traveling from one area to another Back to list of terms.


Jet Lag

Confusion of the biological clock due to traveling across different time zones; May include a feeling of sluggishness due to lengthy flights; This is a result of how the body’s Circadian Rhythm (its recognized day or night patterns) are no longer aligned with the day of the destination. Back to list of terms.


Jet Ski

A watercraft that’s rented out by travel companies for their visitors; This allows adventurous travelers to quickly transfer from one island to another. It can also be used on oceans and lakes. Back to list of terms.


Jones Act

A law which was drafted between 1886 to 1920; It’s also known as the Merchant Marine Act. It forbids ships with foreign flags from carrying travelers between US ports, without foreign-based stops in between the trip. Back to list of terms.


Jump Seat

A term applied to an extra seat for passengers who will not be operating the plane; These include some members of the cabin crew or trainee pilots. It’s a drop-down seat which air hosts use, as they strap themselves in upon a plane’s take off and landing. Back to list of terms.



A sponsored type of trip; This can either be for business or pleasure. For example, casinos would sponsor junkets so VIP clients can easily go back to their complex to play and place their bets. Back to list of terms.



A popular water-based activity where travelers can enjoy beautiful sceneries while working up a sweat Back to list of terms.



A device used by travelers to get inside their hotel rooms; It is usually electronically based and can be swiped like a credit card to enter a room. It’s best to keep your key card in a secure location as you tour or try out some local activities. Back to list of terms.



A form of distance-based measurement that’s used in many countries; Equal to 1,000 meters Back to list of terms.


King Room

A hotel room which has a king-sized bed Back to list of terms.



A unit of flying speed which equals to one nautical mile per hour; A nautical mile is equal to 1.151 miles or 1.852 kilometers. It’s 15% much faster compared to a mile per hour. If a ship sails at 15 knots, then this means it’s also traveling at 22 miles per hour. Back to list of terms.


KPH / Kilometers-per-Hour

A way of measuring land speed in most countries; 60 kilometers per hour (kph) is roughly equal to 36 miles per hour (mph) Back to list of terms.


L’appel du Vide

A French phrase which literally translates to “call of the void” ; It talks of an urge which a person might feel to fall or jump from a high place for fun and not as a form of suicide; Think of a non-destructive way of flying from the skies, a tall building or a cliff. Back to list of terms.



A Swedish word which can’t be exactly translated; It roughly means “being in moderation,” “sufficient,” or having “just the right amount.” Back to list of terms.



A form of porch, patio, or balcony that’s usually situated in tropical-based destinations; It’s a high-end facility which can be found in resorts and hotels. Some property owners have a private lanai to enjoy beautiful views at the comforts of their home. Back to list of terms.


Land Arrangement

A slang used in-flight, and it talks about arrangements other than the ones on a plane; These include accommodations at a hotel, car rentals and reservations to several attractions. Back to list of terms.


Landing Lips

A term mostly used by flight attendants who put on their lipstick and make up before or upon the plane’s landing; They prepare themselves to be presentable, as they bid farewell to the passengers who’ll disembark from the trip. These days, landing Lips is also used by travelers as they get ready to deplane. Back to list of terms.



A travel package which does not include plane tickets; It only provides land-based services like hotel accommodations, transportation, and taxes. It may simply have tickets for tours or theme parks. Back to list of terms.



The words and phrases which a someone speaks, depending on the country, or locality he or she is from; Thankfully, there are online reservation software which provide various options for languages Back to list of terms.


Late Booking Fee

A traveler’s cost related to documents and last-minute details which have been prepared by a provider Back to list of terms.


Mark Up

The rate of a hotel which has been increased for a specific season; This is to accommodate the customers’ rising demand for its service during peak days, weeks, or even months. Mark ups are applied during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and spring break. Back to list of terms.


Mattress Run / Mileage Run

This is usually done by a traveler who’s also a member of a hotel’s Frequent Lodger Program. He or she stays in a hotel for a few nights, with the purpose of earning hotel points. By doing mattress or mileage runs, can increase a member’s status in a program. With a lot of points and a higher status, he or she can enjoy more facilities and services on the next stay. Upgrades may even be offered, depending on the hotel’s promotional terms. Back to list of terms.


Maximum stay

The longest time by which a traveler can stay at a location and still qualify for a specific rate or promotion; This is usually applicable for round trip tickets among commercial airlines. However, for private jet charters, there’s no need for travelers to feel limited on the period of time by which they can stay in a destination. All they’ll have to do is speak with a flight specialist and request for a jet to fly them within their preferred schedules. Back to list of terms.



When it comes to flying, this term refers to trips which have an average distance; This is composed of 3 to 6 hours of duration in flight. Shorter or quick flights are called short haul trips, while the much longer ones are called long-haul flights. Back to list of terms.


Narrow-Body (Aircraft)

An aircraft with just one aisle in the center; It’s also considered as a single-aisle plane. A much bigger plane with twin aisles is called a Wide-Body aircraft. Back to list of terms.


Natural Attraction

A natural scenery that’s a tourist attraction; These include beaches, lakes, oceans, mountains, caves, and waterfalls. Touring agencies and business usually arrange their excursions or itineraries around several attractions within an area. Back to list of terms.


Occupancy rate

Percent of hotel rooms which will be filled within a specific period of time; This is also applied to commercial planes. For instance, a 250-seat plane with 100 passengers has an occupancy rate of 40%. Occupancy Rate is also used to gauge the popularity of a certain hotel or plane. If guests opt to have fewer crowds in their hotels, they can then pick high-end ones with low Occupancy Rates. Back to list of terms.


Ocean View Cabin / Outside Cabin

A hotel room with windows or a balcony which overlooks the ocean; This term is also used among the windows or verandahs of cabins in cruise ship. Back to list of terms.



A season where it’s less expensive to travel; Certain destinations will have lower consumer volumes in different times of the year, hence the fares will be much more affordable. There are also lesser crowds during this season. This term can also pertain to transportation-related occurrences (i.e. lean vs. rush hours). Back to list of terms.


Online Booking System

A reservation type of software which lets clients book their trips online, and directly to a specific company Back to list of terms.


Passenger / Pax

A traveler of a public or private transportation; He or she is usually flown by a pilot with the assistance of flight attendants, and other members of the cabin’s crew. Pax is the abbreviation for passengers or persons. Back to list of terms.


Passport / Visa Service

A service which can expedite your visa application to a specific embassy; This can be expensive if you’re gaining a travel visa at the last minute. Back to list of terms.



Pacific Daylight Time; It’s 8 hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Back to list of terms.


Prix Fixe

Usually served in Europe, these are meals which are available at fixed and low prices. These do not allow substitutions. Back to list of terms.



This is a Spanish word which does not have a direct English translation. It talks about a place where a person gets inspired by. He or she is also most true and comfortable in this place. This is where a person may also get strength from. Back to list of terms.



An informal term for the British pound sterling Back to list of terms.


Quin Room

A hotel room which can accommodate up to five people; It may also be configured into different sizes of beds so five people can comfortably rest in the room. Some bed combinations include one single and two double beds, or a double bed and three single beds. Five single beds are also possible, as long as five people can be accommodated by the space. Back to list of terms.



An approximated rate or package which a service provider can present to travelers who are interested to reach a specific area; This is also a helpful tool for jet-setters who are planning up a budget on their upcoming trip. Back to list of terms.


Real-Time Booking

A system which lets travelers reserve their trips in real-time; The business side of reservations will also find this system helpful since managers can choose which sites are available, along with their touring dates. Back to list of terms.



A return or discount for clients that’s usually issued by travel agencies; This form of payback is given if there’s an excess of payment for taxes, utilities, or rentals. However, this type of promotion can also be used by 800-numbered sellers who aim for more volume in clients than high quality of service. It’s always best to identify the type of experience you’ll have before agreeing to a rebate. Back to list of terms.



To check whether a reservation has been made Back to list of terms.


Record Locator

A unique, alphanumeric combination which is issued whenever a reservation has been booked; It usually has a length of 6 digits and it’s mostly known as Reservation Numbers, Booking Codes, Booking Reference Numbers, or Confirmation Codes. Back to list of terms.


Saturday Night Stay

An instance where commercial plane passengers need to spend a Saturday night during a trip; This is usually done by airlines to identify business and leisure travelers. Passengers take advantages of this to save on fares. However, when it comes to private jet charter services, travelers no longer need to stay in throughout a trip (unless they want to). They can simply climb aboard a jet and be on their way straight to their intended destinations. Back to list of terms.


Scheduled Carrier

A regular schedule of flights between destinations; A term mostly used by airlines; Private jet flyers, however, have the advantage of traveling on regular routes or even to secluded destinations. Back to list of terms.



A Swedish buffet that’s prepared during special occasions and celebrations; It’s also shared among friends and family members. The traditional Smorgasbord has combinations of hot and cold dishes, salads, hors d’oeuvres, and more. The Julbord is considered as the Smorgasbord’s Christmas version. Back to list of terms.


Table d’hôte

A multi-course meal that’s set at fixed price; This term was borrowed from the French and it literally means “the host’s table.” In the olden times, the term is related to how guests would gather round a table with the host and eat the same food he or she is having. Back to list of terms.



A set of fares or taxes to be paid during trips, imports, or exports Back to list of terms.


Unlimited Mileage

An agreement which lets travelers rent a car without worrying about mileage restrictions; Most adventurers find it agreeable since rates can get expensive these days. Additional mileage charges can go as high as 25 cents or more per mile. As a result, they avoid going over the agreed upon limit when renting a car. This is why the Unlimited Mileage feature is mostly sought after. Back to list of terms.



An adjective which describes a well-traveled individual; His or her level of sophistication, civilization, and understanding of a city’s lifestyle at a particular country is also advanced. Back to list of terms.


Value Added Tax (VAT)

A form of tax applied on bought goods; In Europe, certain taxes of goods can be refunded. Back to list of terms.


Value Season / Off-Peak Season / Shoulder Season

A term used when the pricing at a specific destination is lower Back to list of terms.


VIA Rail

A railway / train station in Canada Back to list of terms.


Volunteer Vacation / Voluntourism

A type of vacation which is usually taken on by teens and youths; They visit developing regions and disaster areas, as they save land or protect the animals among other preferred causes. They’re not paid for the work they do. Rather, they pay a fee, so the costs of their rooms and food will be compensated. Back to list of terms.



A written and signed proof where a passenger is declining or dismissing a requirement during a trip; This may include insurance coverage and penalties related to bookings, among other considerations. Back to list of terms.


Walking Tour

A tour where a traveler walks along a scenery with a guide, to have a better appreciation of the vicinity Back to list of terms.


Web Agency

A business who specializes in developing and designing website Back to list of terms.



Traveling as a stranger in a foreign land, thus giving off a feeling of loneliness or melancholy Back to list of terms.



An interest, attraction, or even love for foreign cultures, traditions, and customs; “Xen-“ originates from the Greek word xenos, which means strange or foreign, while “-philia” means affection or love for something which precedes the term. Back to list of terms.



A technology used by security-oriented agencies, to screen passengers who will be traveling; This is usually applicable to those who are going on board commercial airlines. Passengers will need to walk through an X-Ray machine, plus their baggage will also be scanned by said technology. However, private jet travelers won’t need to undergo such screening. They’ll only need to clear their luggage and it’s usually easier for them to board a plane upon reaching the terminal. Back to list of terms.


Yield Management

A practice used by planes and hotels, where prices are systematically increased or decreased based on the flow of demand and influx of customers; Schedules of prices are released for peak and lean seasons. Prices for weekdays and weekends can also differ. The price lists are integrated with the hotel, airline, or chartering company’s software system, so it’s much more efficient to make reservations for customers. Back to list of terms.


Zip Lining

A sought-after activity where tourists ride a pulley that’s suspended on a cable made of stainless steel; This activity gives off a feeling of flight and it slightly leans towards the extreme, as a zip line is situated in a natural destination like a rainforest. It lets people view and experience beautiful sceneries in another way. Back to list of terms.